Tuesday, December 13, 2011

good baby?

People ask me if Mason is a good baby and I never know how to respond. What defines a good baby?

He's a great eater and sleeps well at night. He loves schedules and routines. He goes down easily for naps but has recently had a hard time staying asleep during them. The 45-minute intruder has become the 20-minute intruder. Some days, I feel like I spend his entire nap time soothing him and trying to get him to stay asleep.

Mason adores overhead lights, ceiling fans, and brightly colored artwork. If his belly's full and he's lying on the couch, kicking and flapping, life couldn't be better for him. But his exuberance can quickly turn into this:

My baby has a temper, and he can melt down in two seconds flat. He runs off visitors with his grumpiness; he makes clear when he's ready for company to leave. I'm tempted to dress him as Oscar the Grouch next year for Halloween--what costume could be more fitting?

Mason's the only baby I know who doesn't like to be snuggled or cuddled. He hates being cradled in my arms and he would never sit quietly on my lap for hours (or even minutes) just chilling. The word chill is not a part of his vocabulary. Why sit still and relax when he can kick and flail and talk and fuss? This kid has things to say and places to go. He loves being carried around the house up on my shoulder in the burping position so that he can see what's around him, until he tries to climb over my shoulder to get down. Even at two months old, he began arching his back and squawking to get me to put him down so he could kick and flap and play on his own. In his mind, he's no baby--he's a big boy!

So, is my little grump a "good" baby? He's good for me, and I love every bit of him, grouchiness and all.


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Of course he's a good baby--even in that grumpiness! Can't wait to see him again!! I can not believe how big he's gotten!

Stacy said...

Awww - he's just independent :) Freddy did NOT like to be cuddled either, but as a big kid, he's much more cuddly now. Your cuddles may just be in your future!