Thursday, December 1, 2011

evergreen upset

The tree's up! And it's that time again.

Oh, Christmas tree, how faithful you are to me. And how wretched I am to you. Two years ago, I had an affair with another. I'm sorry to say, dear tree, that it's happened again, and it's much more serious this time.

You stand tall and proud, and you're perfectly proportioned. Once again, you are exquisite and elegant and make the house smell divine. Although you are perfect in every way you could be, you fall short this year. I can't help it--I'm just not that into you.

You see, I'm much more drawn to the gift beside you. Although he smells quite foul on occasion, much of the time, his baby lotion scent melts my heart in ways that pine needles never could. And you're beautiful, but you're also silent. The little bundle next to you can scream his bloody head off just because he feels like it, but he can also coo and giggle and make all sorts of silly noises. He smiles at and interacts with me in ways that you never could.

You need me to water you, but he needs me for pretty much everything. He's even more demanding than you are!

Once, I only had eyes for you, darling tree. Now, the gift that sits beside you has captured my heart and sucked up all the love inside it. I have nothing left for you this year. I am sorry.

The good news is that, Lord willing, next year you will have a new admirer. And I have a feeling that he will be much more smitten with you than I ever have been.

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ASP said...

What a sweet post! I'm sure your tree appreciates the note! ;) Next year you'll be trying to figure out where to put the tree without it being torn down! Ours is, luckily, in the family room that can be blocked off from Little Miss. I haven't been able to put my decorations on tables and garland on the stairs because it will be ripped down. I'm picking my battles this Christmas season! ;)