Monday, November 28, 2011

mama bear crazy

My emotions will be the end of me. First, it was the weepies. Now, I've turned into a full-fledged mama bear: protective and possessive.

 In some cases, this isn't such a bad thing. I feel an animal instinct to protect my young, including everything from where and how Mason sleeps to who he spends his time with. But I wonder when, if ever, this extreme protective nature will subside. For example, right now I can't imagine allowing Mason to ride in a car alone with someone other than Brad or me driving. I know it's only been two months, but it's still hard for me to leave Mason for any amount of time. (But, don't worry. I have and I do and I will continue to do so. It's important for both of us. I know.)

And on the possessive side of this complex, my heart tightens like an iron fist when anyone (except Brad) tries to snatch Mason from my arms (unsolicited) or hovers over him and tries to mother him to the extent of undermining me and my parenting practices. Those people--I call them baby hogs--make me crazy!

Yes, I am hormonal. But I can't be the only one, right? Does anyone else have any mama bear moments or pet peeves? Please share!


tnthomas1 said...

Yes, it will subside somewhat. I remember asking my mother if she worried about me as much as I do Taylor. I worried about strangers touching his little face and hands. I knew he would catch whatever disease they might have, lol. I would keep wet ones handy to wash his hands after they touched his hands. I don't worry about germs anymore. There are a new set of worries/concerns like driving the 9 hour trip home from college, what he will do if/when he graduates from college. I guess the mother instinct will always be there the level of intensity changes. So you are normal, and doing great job.

Oak said...

Blog hopping and stumbled upon your blog and this post and had to laugh because I think you have PHENOMENAL taste in image selection:

and hopefully that helps you to realize you're not alone! My kid was still in utero even!

@rdweatherly said...

I feel some version of this about my dog, so I can't imagine what it must be like with a child! You are doing an amazing job of balancing your instincts with what you know you need, and I applaud you for it! You are a great mother. Mason is one lucky little boy!