Friday, October 14, 2011

hot harvest

I'm all for adding spice to my life (and my palate), but what on earth should I do with all of these jalapeno peppers, recently harvested from my one measly jalapeno plant? I picked at least 30 peppers, and there are still more to come.

I can try Pioneer Woman's jalapeno poppers recipe, which sounds delicious, but I'd need to throw a party to have enough people to consume all of these poppers in one sitting.

Any other ideas? Should I dice them up and freeze them?


rebecca.d.winnett said...

1. make a bunch of yummy fresh salsa and then freeze it for the colder months!

2. Make Jalapeno butter for use on veggies and breads, also freezable!

3. Jalapeno Burgers!

4.Jalapeno and Basil Pork Chops while you can still grill outside:

5. A twist on holiday chutney, Cranberry and Jalapeno sauce

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem and would have never be able to consume all the poppers. We made salsa, but for the rest I just pureed them in the food processor and froze them in ice cube trays. I plan to use them for cooking throughout the year.

kerryandtorey said...

Pepper Jelly! It could make some great little holiday gifts. Plus, it is yummy.

@rdweatherly said...

Make some fresh salsa. Even if you can't eat it all, Chris Kaine can knock it out for you.

You could open up a stand at the farmers' market behind your house.

My dad planted several pepper plants one year and had so many he gave a bag to just about everyone in town. He only planted one plant the next year.

Jen V. said...

i wonder if you can barter with them at the farmer's market?