Thursday, October 6, 2011

homecoming outfit: FAIL

Throughout pregnancy, I vowed that my child would not come home from the hospital in a gender-neutral outfit. I don't know why, but it was one menial detail that was very important to me. A few weeks before Mason was born, Brad and I went shopping for two homecoming outfits: one for a girl and another for a boy. Because our ultrasounds had predicted a big baby, we deliberated the size to buy. All of the newborn size outfits we found were clearly marked for babies weighing 5-8 pounds. The next size up, 0-3 months, was suggested for babies weighing 8-12 pounds. Perfect, we thought! This size should fit our anticipated 9-10 pound baby well. Even though the 0-3 months outfits looked large to us, we bought them anyway. And because we were already wasting money on one outfit that wouldn't be worn, which turned out to be the little girl's dress, we didn't want to waste more money by buying gender-specific outfits in multiple sizes.

We clipped the tags, washed both outfits, and stuck them in the suitcase. But then I started to have doubts. What if the ultrasounds were wrong? (They weren't.) What if the baby came early and therefore wasn't as big as we expected? (That didn't happen.) In a last-minute moment of panic, I washed a tiny, gender-neutral, newborn-size sleeper that I had received as a shower gift and stuck it in the suitcase, just in case.

When I pulled out our little boy outfit to dress Mason on the day we came home from the hospital, I realized that Brad and I had made our first parenting mistake.

The pants alone could have covered Mason's entire body. I sighed and pulled out the little gender-neutral ducky outfit, which fit him perfectly. It wasn't what I had dreamed of and it wasn't an outfit I had even chosen myself, but he still looked cute, and most importantly, he was here, healthy, and going home with us. At least we didn't have to take him home in only a diaper!

Mason's original homecoming outfit is now hanging in his closet, waiting for the day when, Lord willing, he's big enough to wear it, which will certainly occur long before I'm ready.


kerryandtorey said...

I was certain we would not need newborn clothes (I mean, they are so small and both Kerry and I are tall!) but Miss H wore them for almost 8 weeks. I think we all make the same mistake.

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Too funny! We made a similar mistake with Lucas -- but we didn't even have a back up outfit! So, he just swam in his coming home clothes (a super cute 0-3 mos gift from my sister!)

And with Nathaniel...well, he came so early and I WAS NOT prepared at all...he had to wear a hand-me-down from Lucas as his coming home outfit! (Poor guy!!)

Meg said...

We were given that same outfit, and it's one of the few that fits her. Since Caleb was big, and the doctor said Virginia would be big also, I had exchanged most of our newborn stuff. Even the newborn stuff we kept is too big even though she was 8 pounds. She just came home in the little shirt the hospital dressed her in!

Solitary Diner said...

That ducky sleeper is so cute (as of course is your son). Even if it wasn't what you envisioned, it was an adorable outfit to bring your son home in.

Kelly said...

Oh, that's a cute story.

June actually has a TON of hand-me-down 0-3 outfits and like NO newborn stuff, but that's all that will fit her for a while. She's still swimming in half of THAT stuff.

Oh well.

Heather Nelson said...

He still looks darling in his ducky jammies! Baby clothes are so tricky though... one brands 3-6 month outfit is another brands 0-3 month size.

When we brought Grant home from the hospital, I had a cute outfit, but no socks, blanket, hat, etc. What was I thinking? Granted he was born in June, but I felt so silly waltzing out the door with my poor newborn exposed to the elements.

Jennifer said...

He's adorable anyway! That's a cute story, and you'll always remember what he came home in because of it.

Renee said...

Such a cute story!!!
And I think duckies are very manly! :)

@rdweatherly said...

Those duckies are so manly, I think Brad needs a matching set!!

Mason probably won't we able to wear the socks I'm knitting for a while, but the hat should fit. :)