Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September recipe challenge: Tarte Aux Cerises, Flambee

Don't worry, Gentle Readers. I completed this challenge and wrote this blog post long before Mason arrived. I'm ambitious, but not ambitious enough to attempt a recipe challenge with an eleven-day-old! I'm working on some Mason-related entries and pictures to post here soon. Stay tuned!

I went back to Julia this month and made the French version of cherries jubilee. The most time-consuming portion involved removing the stems and pits from the fresh cherries. Making the crust, custard, and filling, and assembling the dish weren't too bad. I made this dessert from start to finish in one afternoon--much faster than the typical two days these recipe challenges have been taking lately.

This challenge seemed to go smoothly, and I was excited...

straight from the broiler

poised and ready to see a show
the warmed cognac carefully poured on top of the dessert failed to light! I was so disappointed. I longed to see this dish engulfed in flames. I had even turned off the lights in the kitchen to make the show seem even more spectacular.

I have no idea what I did wrong. Maybe I warmed to cognac too much and there was no alcohol left to burn?

To drown my sorrows, I piled on the vanilla ice cream, which is a must for any warm dessert.

still tasty, even without the flames


Kelly said...

You keep making me hungry with your posts. Hope you and your little guy are doing great!

Solitary Diner said...

Looks fabulous. Is the recipe available online?