Tuesday, September 6, 2011

circus act

I have never felt more like a circus act, or should I say a sideshow, than during the last two months of pregnancy. Especially recently, people's comments about my physical appearance have snowballed out of control. I can't walk down the street, check out at a store, or even interact with people I know without someone commenting on how I look these days. It's like they've never seen a pregnant person before and I am a freak of nature. I don't recall ever making comments like what's been said to me recently to other pregnant people, especially strangers, and it baffles me that so many people lack filters.

Many people fall all over themselves to tell me their opinion about whether they think I'm having a boy or a girl, even after I tell them I'm not interested in hearing their opinion. (Yes, I've grown bold and said that multiple times... it doesn't seem to deter people from telling me anyway.) What kills me though is how adamant most people are about it... like they really know, which of course they don't. And the count is about 50/50 thus far. For each person who insists we're having a boy, there's another person who is equally as adamant that the baby is a girl.

The clerks ringing up my purchases at stores have transitioned from asking, "When is the baby due?" to "How many days left?" Last week, one of my darling students told me I looked like I was about to burst. The winning comment of the week occurred this past Saturday as Brad and I walked home from lunch at a newish place in our neighborhood. An old woman sat in her wheelchair on the sidewalk in front of the building where she lived. Brad and I strolled by, and we both heard her say, "Looking fat today..." and then she hollered after us, "When's the baby coming?"

We ignored her.

And for the record, old woman, my chin and chest are fuller than normal and my ankles are slightly swollen (only as of week 38, but I'm not sporting cankles, yet). Other than those expansions, I am all belly--a round, firm, and compact one at that.  


diana onorio funk said...

Oh, hon. I"m so sorry. Just know it's not you... it's the phenomenon. I don't know what it is, but you're right -- people lose all sense of civility when it comes to their thoughts on a pregnant woman. It's ridiculous -- no one, in their right mind, would deign to comment on someone's weight, race, religion, or anything else like that. Why is pregnancy so off-limits? For the record, I think you look beautiful, gestating or not, and you're absolutely right -- you're all belly! Also, I think you're having a baby that is either a boy or a girl; and that it will be healthy; and so lucky to be raised by two wonderful, loving parents.

Kelly said...

You never realize how many tactless people there are in the world until you're noticeably pregnant. Agreed.

kerryandtorey said...

unfortunately, the comments continue! seriously, the things that come out of people's mouths about pregnancy and parenthood can be appalling.

Amy said...

Wait until they start to try touching the baby without asking! That always drove me crazy, especially when complete strangers would touch their little bare hands which they constantly put in their mouths - even more so than the pregnancy comments, for me, anyway.

@rdweatherly said...

I'm so sorry, Rebecca. If you'd like for me to go find the old woman and roll her out into traffic, I can.

You are beautiful, every piece of your pregnant self, and you'll be adorable even if you get cankles!

Heather N. said...

I think you look gorgeous!
And I have no clue what the baby is going to be! Hang in there... the end is in sight!