Monday, September 12, 2011

chunky monkey

Brad and I are expecting a huge baby with a chubby tummy and a big head. Almost every mama I know has told me how her 36-week ultrasound was way off (in either direction) regarding the baby's projected size and weight. And at first I expected the same thing. But I've had three ultrasounds in the past five weeks (34 weeks, 36 weeks, and 39 weeks) to check the baby's position (34 weeks) and size (all three, but especially the last two ultrasounds) and the findings have been consistent. Our baby's nearly off the charts for weight, head size, and thickness of abdomen. 

My siblings and I were all heavy babies with big heads. My sister and I each weighed over nine pounds. My brother, two weeks late, weighed 11 pounds, 13 ounces. My OB said birth size and weight can be hereditary, so Brad's and my baby seems to be taking after my side of the family. The encouraging news is that my mom, who is built like me except slightly more petite, birthed us all vaginally (and I'm 99% sure she didn't have drugs). There is hope!

Strangely, I haven't gained an excess of weight. And although some people call me fat and my belly is round and solid, my OB tells me my tummy measures small. I may not have intuition about anything else, like the baby's sex, for example, but I just know that this baby is a chunky monkey (as I've affectionately called him/her the past few weeks). Baby feels gargantuan (and strong!) in my tummy.

Even expecting a large baby with a big head, I'm honestly not worried about the delivery. My goal is to get the baby out as safely for both of us as possible, and I trust that the Lord will provide in that way. Except for knowing I want an epidural, I don't have a birth plan, and my heart is not set on a particular approach, which I've heard is a good attitude to have as deliveries often don't go according to plan.

Instead of feeling frightened or horrified upon learning the baby's projected size, I found the news strangely endearing--my heart swelled upon hearing the estimates at week 34 and it's only exploded since then. I was a large baby, so I have an affinity for the chubby ones. And most importantly, once again, this baby is proving himself/herself to be obedient. Consistent and good growth and development is an answer to many prayers. Baby has grown the best he/she could and has supposedly done a great job at it! I've never really understood why some people treat huge newborns like freaks of nature. They're strong and healthy, and who can fault a babe, or the Lord, for that?

I haven't exchanged or given away any newborn-sized clothing yet, just in case all three ultrasounds are wrong, but I also haven't removed the tags. Something tells me that our sweet chunky monkey may bypass those teeny clothes and jump right into the next size up.


diana onorio funk said...

i'm so impressed and excited by your attitude, rebecca. i think having very open expectations, but most of all, sheer joy and excitement over the prospect of soon greeting your new child, is the healthiest, happiest way to approach childbirth. you are on my mind constantly these days, and i am bursting with excitement for you and brad!! you are a gorgeous, happy, healthy mama-to-be! xoxo

Kelly said...

Oh, chubby babies are the CUTEST! Good luck, babe. It's so exciting!

Amanda said...

very very exciting! My siblings and I were huge babies too so am sure if/when I ever have a baby, it will be a chunker too. That's healthy! Best of luck to you for a safe delivery.

Solitary Diner said...

Wishing you all the best in the last days and through the delivery. Having delivered a lot of babies both with and without epidurals, I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with them. Women with epidurals just seem so much happier.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

oh i love love a chunky monkey baby. it's the only time in your life- esp if it happens to be a girl- that you can get praised for extra chub rolls! no one ever walks up to me and says "oh look at your big belly - it's so cute." but on a baby- forgetaboutit. adorable!!

Sorry Sarah said...

this post made me smile. so excited for you and your chunky monkey. :)

@rdweatherly said...

I'll pass along something my mother has said many times (much to my confusion): I loved every little pain of child birth (she had 3 natural) because it was one more closer to me seeing my baby.

I think you have the perfect birth plan by just aiming to get the baby here, Chunky Monkey or not!, happy and healthy.

Know that I'm thinking about you and can't wait to meet Chunky Monkey! As always, I'm here to help however I can. Big love!

Lauren S said...

OH, so exciting! I love the chubby babies :)