Thursday, September 8, 2011

author schedule

The National Book Festival has officially exploded: two days of literary goodness and new pavilions. The festival already drew over 100,000 people annually--the crowds will be insane this year!

The author schedule is up. I am always humbled by how many authors I haven't read or have never heard of. I recognize fewer names on the list this year, and I have yet to study their bios, so I've probably read a few more of them than I think.

I doubt I'll make it to many, if any, author presentations this year, but, Lord willing, Baby will be here safe and sound by then, and maybe Brad can drive us down to the mall and we can hop out to take a quick picture and pick up the souvenir bag. The book festival's poster would make a great addition to the wall across from the bookshelves in Baby's room.


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

When I saw the poster (which I love!!) I thought that it would be wonderful to hand in baby's room. Plus, I am imagining a 1year old baby joining you next year, a 2yo joining you the year how fun to have the poster from baby's birth year as a special keepsake!!

@rdweatherly said...

I'm still happy to walk along in front of you and give dirty looks to anyone who thinks about touching the baby. ;)

Big hugs!