Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summer saviors

I don't know what I would do this summer without the following products.

I bought this fan back in May when I first noticed feeling hot most of the time. This fan is a great supplement to the AC and ceiling fan in our bedroom each night.

Remember how I mentioned spending an entire weekend covering our front and back planting beds with weed-control fabric? Well, I'm so thankful I did. Excessive squatting and bending over to pull weeds continues to grow more difficult for me each week. And thankfully, because of this fabric, I only pull about 5% of the weeds that I used to. (Isn't it amazing how weeds still manage to come through the fabric at the holes and edges? They always find a way!)
I know these OFF! clip-on mosquito repellents don't work for everyone, but they've been such a blessing to Brad and me this summer. We love to eat dinner on our deck, but we have to lather up with mosquito repellent each night or else we'll be miserable. When I bought these clips, I never expected them to work, but they do! For us, at least, they do. We even wear them when doing yard work and watering the yard and we've been bite-free thus far.

What are your summer saviors?


rebecca.d.winnett said...

2 Qs
1. where did you get your fan? and what brand is it? I could use one of these powerful fans for my bedroom at night.

2. Where do you wear the off repellent clip? I'm heading on vacation in NH soon and could totally go for not smelling like OFF the whole time, but wondering the best place to put it for maximum protection! Do you only wear one per person? etc?

BBH said...

We used the weed control fabric and still have tons of weeds! I wonder if it's because my husband mows around there and seeds somehow fly in the beds. Any advice?