Monday, August 15, 2011

a DC government service that works

The DC government and its respective agencies and services make me want to cut off my arm and beat someone over the head with it most of the time. But after 11 years of living in our nation's capital, I've finally discovered a DC service that is easy, efficient, and free.

The Metropolitan Police Department offers free car seat checks and installations at three locations in the city: DDOT, DMV (Inspection Station), and Children's Hospital. Brad made an appointment online at the Inspection Station on Half Street SW, was allowed to cut to the front of the inspection line, and the marvelous Larry Walker installed the car seat in Brad's car in about five minutes. Brad was in and out of there in fewer than ten minutes! When has that ever happened at the DC DMV?

We now have a way to safely transport Baby home from the hospital, but that doesn't mean we're ready for him or her to come into the world yet. Please hold out for another month, little one!


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

So good of you to get it done "professionally" -- those things are complicated! But, soon you guys will be experts at moving it in and out!

What a fun, tangible reminder of what is to come! Do you have one of those mirrors for above the car seat? They are really helpful.

@rdweatherly said...

Saw Brad and the superbly installed car seat on Monday. I'm so impressed! Told him about a couple back home that got ready to leave the hospital and didn't have a car seat in the car. Turns out Grandpa left the wrong car at the hospital for the new parents and had to bring the one with the car seat back. I would totally do something like that, but you and Brad, as always, are on top of it!

Excited to meet you, Little One, but you stay put for another month like your momma says!