Thursday, August 25, 2011

bright idea

A couple months ago, I decided to purchase several of those Living Social/Groupon/you name it housekeeping deals, intending to use them late in pregnancy or after the baby comes. The only time Brad and I have hired a professional housekeeper is when we moved into our new house and the hardwood floors had been sanded and redone, leaving a lovely orange, dusty film all over every inch of our new home.

I cashed in one of the housekeeping deals recently, now that I feel more uncomfortable each day and have trouble bending over or standing for extended periods. What a treat!!! I sat on the couch while two lovely women scrubbed my entire house from top to bottom in 90 minutes. And they cleaned much deeper than I do on a regular basis. For example, I mop the kitchen and bathroom floors as needed, but not every time I clean. These women mopped the floor in every room, even all the bedrooms!

Sometimes you can find these housekeeping deals for as cheap as $35 for a couple hours of cleaning (I paid $39 for three hours)--what a perfect gift for a friend or family member in need!

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Carrie - LittleLlamas said...

such a great deal aren't they? We have decided that it is just worth it for me to have this done every other month. It gives me a springboard to keep it clean. All I use are the vouchers. I actually have one expiring soon I need to use!