Monday, August 22, 2011

August recipe challenge: Oreo cheesecake

Some of you will accuse me of cheating this month, but I've never made a cheesecake before (in spite of owning a springform pan for at least five years). Also, this recipe required the use of my monster Cuisinart food processor that I've, sadly, only used once since my in-laws gave it to me last Christmas. I had to read the instruction manual to assemble it, so that counts as a challenge in my book.

I took a break from Julia this month and followed this recipe, but like my previous challenges, this dish still took more than one day to complete from start to finish.

the ingredients and equipment

ready to go in the oven

The cheesecake was simple to assemble, but it had to bake for a total of two hours and 15 minutes: one hour and 15 minutes with the oven door closed and an additional hour with the oven door open! This recipe was not a smart choice for a hot August day; I should have saved it for December when we needed to heat the house anyway.

After baking and cooling on the counter, the cheesecake needed 24 hours in the refrigerator before I could release the springform pan's sides.

Success! The cake stood up when the sides came off!

first slice
While the crust of the cake stood tall and proud once the pan's sides were released, the middle did sink a little (see picture above), and I'm not sure why. These recipe challenges are teaching me that I am a consistent cook: the dishes taste just fine (even with low-fat ingredients!) but I have some work to do on my presentation.


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Renee said...

So Impressive! My one attempt at a pumpkin cheesecake did not go well - all mushy.

Leslie said...

Yum! If you are a looking for a chocolate cheesecake recipe, check out the one from Nigella Lawson (below is the link-note that I used chocolate graham crackers for the crust instead of regular, and I couldn't find custard powder so I substituted instant vanilla pudding). It was my first time making one and I finally used my springform pan that I received as a wedding gift seven years ago! My husband loves cheesecake, and this recipe is a keeper if you like chocolate. Note that I'm NOT a cheesecake person at all, but I couldn't get enough of this.