Tuesday, July 5, 2011

rugs and a runner

As longtime readers have probably gathered, interior decorating terrifies me. Whether it's selecting and purchasing art, furniture, window treatments, or the like, I tend to shy away from these projects because the options are overwhelming, these items are expensive, and because of the expense, the decisions, once made, are final.

Rugs have been no different from the other categories, but I finally bit the bullet and some of our floors are no longer bare! My friend Allison told me about the jewel that is Georgetown Carpet's remnant selection. Located in a nondescript showroom on the opposite side of city from where I live, this store offers a huge selection of remnants at discount prices that can be made into rugs. You can get a high quality rug for a fraction of what you would pay at a regular store, especially if your space requires a custom size. Know that you may have to make several visits to Georgetown Carpet before you find something you like, but it's worth it to keep checking back as their selection turns over regularly.

I found two great remnants that turned into two rugs for Brad's and my bedroom as well as a runner for the stairs and an extra throw rug at the top of the stairs. I used every spare inch of both remnants, so I truly got my money's worth! Take a look.

Here's a picture of our bare bedroom floor. Yes, the original 1915 red pine is pretty, but the room doesn't really look lived in with bare floors.

And here is the "after" picture with our two new rugs, which have added a whole new level of comfort and coziness to our room.

Here's a closer picture of the weave. The carpet is thick, high quality, and soft on our feet, plus, it matches our bedding and decor perfectly!

My second rug-related project involved buying a runner for our stairs, which are treacherous. I've fallen down the entire flight twice now, both times while pregnant, and I knew I could never risk navigating them with a baby in my arms unless we had a runner and possibly a railing.

descend at your own risk

Did you know that stair runners are incredibly expensive? Well, I didn't, and I was shocked by the price quoted to me for a "traditional" runner (e.g. borders on both sides of the carpet). Instead, I chose a remnant to make a nontraditional runner (e.g. without the borders), and I think it turned out great. Plus, it saved me over $800! Take a look.

One other benefit of using a remnant for the runner is that I ended up with an extra piece of carpet that I had turned into a matching throw rug for the top of the steps.

After over two years here, this house is beginning to look a little more "lived in", one project at a time.


lnipaver said...

Looks great. I had to chuckle at your last comment because this month makes two years in our house and we finally painted our bathroom this weekend and bought curtains for both our bedroom and the living room. One project at a time. I said just the same thing this weekend.

SusanL said...

Looks wonderful! I wish we had a runner of some sort on our stairs. You've inspired me to check it out!

Organized Living by Amy said...

I love the runner. How do you get it to stay on the stairs without slipping? Just that sticky rug stuff?

ASP said...

Super nice! I've been wanting to do the rug under the bed thing in our guest room for a while now. It definitely adds a nice touch to the room! Yay, for getting decorating done and thanks for the inspiration!

Katie said...

It's amazing how it finishes the room/stair off. The runner is really beautiful. Love the red!!

BBH said...

It looks great!

Eileen said...

Your runner does look great, looks like they did a good job and a remnant is often a good solution, but limits choice somewhat. Runners do not have to be expensive, sounds like you may have looked into a very high end runner product? or may have been over-priced. Your readers should know that there are hundreds of affordable choices, and when the most important aspect is addressed - that is installed properly, it will typically outlast many carpet products because runners are woven cut pile construction, and intended for stair use. www.StairRunnerStore.com

T.D. said...

The rugs you chose for the bedroom go perfect with everything! I have never lived in a house with wood floors and had no idea how dangerous wood stairs could be. Sounds like the runner on the stairs will make them a lot safer.

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Love it all!!!

@rdweatherly said...

Fabulous!!! Don't feel bad. Joe and I have been in our house for 3+ years, and we just painted our bedroom. Still haven't dealt with the bathroom.

If you want help with a railing, we have every power saw ever made, so have Brad call Joe for an extra set of hands. He'd love to have an excuse to play with his toys.