Thursday, July 14, 2011

nosy and nice

On our recent last hurrah trip, during lunch at the beach bar one day, an older gentleman took interest in my pregnancy. After a slew of increasingly personal questions about my health and physical condition (he was a stranger, mind you... I don't mind if friends ask me personal questions, but I draw the line with complete strangers) and my vague answers and attempts to change the subject failed to deter him, I almost launched into a detailed account of my visits to the colorectal specialist just to shut him up. But, being an older gentleman, he may have had his own experiences with colorectal specialists and I certainly didn't want to open that door. Ew.

My posts have focused on people's inappropriate behavior or unsolicited comments, but I'd be remiss if I failed to mention how nice others have been to me. Four people to date have offered me their seats on crowded Metro trains. One woman said I could go ahead of her in the Chick-fil-A bathroom line. Strangers help me load the car in store parking lots and open doors for me. Plenty of people make eye contact with and smile at me as we pass on the street. My next-door neighbor told me he didn't care if the baby's wailing kept him up all night, and he spoke with sincerity. Even the facilities guys at work, after they showed up to unlock the plastic box covering my office's thermostat--set at a sweltering temperature--took one look at me and didn't even question my request for access, but got straight to work.

Pregnancy, for better or worse, certainly invites attention. Although many people make me feel like a circus act, I can't overlook the small but mighty group of sweet souls who are nicer to me than I deserve.

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@rdweatherly said...

Your shower gift is sitting on the table, unwrapped, at my house, and a friend came in the other day, exclaiming, "What is this?!" I was ready to just tell him it was a shower gift, but before I could even get the words out, he was asking if I was preggers and went for my stomach! WTF?! You are truly a better woman than me, and you deserve every one of those sweet sentiments!