Monday, July 11, 2011

a neverending quest

This may be a weird quirk of mine, but I am slightly obsessed with my breath, and making sure it's as fresh as it can be. I'm the one who whips out the breath mints after a group lunch and passes the tin around the table. After brushing my teeth, my favorite breath freshener of choice is an Eclipse mint. These mints are sugar-free and effective without being overpowering like Altoids can be. The small metal tin is durable and fits easily in my purse. I much prefer mints to gum--I have no idea why.

These mints are perfect in every way, but I fear they're being discontinued because I've had a horrible time finding them in stores for the past year or so. I look for them at every check-out, anxious to build my stash at home for when the day comes when they truly are no more. Recently, a CVS employee made my day. She saw me scouring the mint and candy section at the cash register and asked what I was looking for. When I told her, she said, "I know exactly what you're talking about!" and pulled out an 8-pack of mints from behind the counter. "This is our last package, and I didn't even put them out because we no longer have a cash register code for them." When I happily told her I'd take the entire box of 8, she sold them to me at the clearance price!

After striking out at the previous ten stores I'd visited, what a joy to find them at all let alone at a bargain price. My fix continues . . .  at least for 8 more packages.

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AMRJ said...

These are my favorite too! I will be sad if they are truly discontinued!!