Monday, July 18, 2011


My fingers plump up like sausages in hot weather (or when exercising) even when not pregnant. So, in anticipation of my wedding ring growing too tight to wear as the sweltering days linger, I swung by good old Claire's in Union Station for a temporary fix.

For $15, I bought two fake diamond rings with bands a size and a quarter larger than my wedding ring.

But the bands aren't the only thing that's larger.

I went BIG on these fake rocks, about twice the size of my real diamond. I mean, why not? I don't expect to ever own a real diamond that large, so why not have some fun this summer?

Brad said I'm asking to be mugged.

I went for the bling, but what did you do, current mamas? 'Fess up!


Carrie - LittleLlamas said...

The only baby it happened with was charlotte (my summer pregnancy and also my most weight gain) I had another diamond heirloom ring that i wore on my right hand (larger size ring, smaller diamond) and I just shifted it over to the left hand for a while.

I love your new rings.

SusanL said...

I did the same thing! Why not get a bigger one?! I still get compliments when I wear the one I got while pregnant with Benjamin, so I just smile and say "thank you!" I think you should have fun with it :)

rebecca.d.winnett said...

i think its fun- and good to still wear a ring. my sister in law did the same thing! bring on the bling!

Meg said...

I did the same thing! With my first, I grew out of mine pretty quick, and hated the feeling of nothing being on that finger. This time, they thankfully still fit, but I got a back up at Wal-Mart just in case...and yes, it's bigger!

Amy said...

What a good idea. I just took the ring off and went bare towards the end of my pregnancies.

diana onorio funk said...

LOVE it!! and yep, i did the same thing. no one's going to mug a pregnant woman, BTW. :)

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

You know I was fooled! I ended up just going bare toward the end of my pregnancies. Or, I just wore my very plain band, which for some reason wasn't as snug as my engagement ring.

Roccie said...

Cracking up at this!

How on earth did I miss this w Toddlerina?? You are brilliant.