Thursday, June 16, 2011

losing my mind

During lunch one day this week, I had the oil in my car changed. I went to the counter to pay and I panicked when I realized my wallet was missing. I ran to the car to see if it had fallen out of my purse there. It hadn't. I called my office and asked a co-worker to search--I hoped it had either fallen out of my purse onto the office floor or I had mistakenly placed it in my work bag instead of my purse.

After a long wait on hold (which I was certain meant bad news), my co-worker returned and said, "Well, I finally found it. It was in your lunch box!"

My lunch box?! Huh?

I drove back to my office, retrieved my wallet, and returned to Jiffy Lube to pay the bill. The guys working there, for lack of any other customers to service, had a heyday with my mistake. They were overly nice and escorted me back to my car to make sure I got in the right one.

Is this episode what people refer to as pregnancy brain?

What are your pregnancy brain stories? Please share. Make me feel better about my blunder!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh that is hilarious! So glad that JL peeps were nice about it all too.

Jennifer said...

I tried to lose my wallet at least twice when I was pregnant with Katie. I'd eaten lunch outside in a park near the Capitol with a couple of coworkers and left my wallet on a bench. Thankfully a wonderful Senate staffer found it and tracked me down (as I was in the middle of cancelling my credit/debit cards). I also left my bag in a restaurant on the way back home from our Christmas trip to TN, and didn't realize it until we were a mile from our house. We had to drive probably another 80 miles round-trip to get it back.

SusanL said...

Right after Rebekah was born, someone asked me her name. I looked her straight in the eye and said "Abigail." Then a few minutes later remembered that it was Rebekah. I think the woman thought I had lost my mind, but I really didn't know it wasn't Abigail at the time. So sad...I'm hoping for my brain to return to normal, but it hasn't happened yet!

diana onorio funk said...

very, very normal! i forget everything. once, i put my cell phone in the fridge. i have to say, though, mommy brain is even worse! it's ok, though -- other moms totally get it.