Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Key Biscayne

When Brad went back to work on Capitol Hill and I realized that we wouldn't be able to take a week-long vacation this year because of his schedule, I admit I grumbled a little. But now I see the blessing of breaking our vacation into two parts: the first leg is over but I still have another trip to look forward to!

Key Biscayne was wonderful--beautiful, clean, ritzy, quiet, relaxing--and I highly recommend it for a long weekend. I scored a deal at the Ritz Carlton, and cashed in enough credit card points to cover one of our nights there. I've never stayed at a hotel of that caliber before, but all of their pampering and extra touches made for a great vacation in and of itself--it almost didn't matter where we were!

Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne

We enjoyed a great view from our room.

The view

We did nothing except relax on the beach and at the pool with our books. Yes, we were those nerds hauling around our 1312-page tomes because of Brad's brilliant idea to read The Count of Monte Cristo together this year. He missed out on his typical spy/thriller, page-turner beach reads that he loves and believe me, he'll never suggest a married reading project again. He now holds greater appreciation for my reading of War and Peace last spring. (Status update: I'm on page 900+ of The Count and Brad's past page 500. At least he's making progress.:)

Not really beach reading

Six years ago, we took a brief trip to Miami to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. On that trip, we discovered a great restaurant in Coconut Grove that provided an intimate atmosphere, stunning views, and delicious food. Although the restaurant has changed hands and names in the past six years, we were delighted to return to celebrate our ninth anniversary and find it as enjoyable and beautiful as we did the first time. We scored a secluded table outdoors that was right on the water. Don't you love my giant mocktail in the photo below?

And now, back to reality, but I'm eagerly anticipating our second getaway, Lord willing, in just a few weeks.


Katie said...

I stayed at the Ritz in Seoul and wondered if the country was so nice because of the people or because of the Ritz - it is definitely the way to travel! So glad you had a great trip.

Heather Nelson said...

I'm so glad you got to go on a mini vacation... and that you have another one to look forward to! You look gorgeous in your photo!