Thursday, June 9, 2011

the crack widens

What began so innocently as this...

... has now turned into this.

Thanks to sweet friends, the church list serv, and the MOTH list serv, I have either acquired or am borrowing the following items: infant swing/seat, car seat and base, a Baby Bjorn, a Moby wrap, a brand-new SwaddleMe blanket, a Hooter Hider, several baby blankets, children's books, and maternity clothes.

I haven't spent a dime of my own money on Baby yet. Who knew that trolling list servs for goods could be so fun and fruitful?

Brad and I did take a big step last weekend; we braved a baby store on Saturday to look at cribs. I had done a little browsing online before we went, and even though it felt odd to walk into a baby store to shop for myself and not someone else, I am so glad we checked out the quality and sturdiness of some pieces I saw online before placing an order. I went into the store thinking I wanted one particular style and left the store with a completely different idea.

We browsed cribs and narrowed our options, but we didn't make a final decision or place an order yet. There's still time for that, right?


Lisa Tucker said...

Looks like a good haul! Two suggestions that I learned from friends: 1. Get a boppy for upstairs AND downstairs. 2. When it starts to feel like the baby is invading, just remember you don't have to get everything right away. (That's advice from Amy Taylor.) For instance, you won't use a Bumbo or a jumperoo for months. Unless, of course, you can snag it for free -- then get it!

Also, if you can find another bouncy seat for free, consider getting it. I had one (later replaced with a Bumbo) that I kept in the bathroom. It was a perfect place to put Lydia when I wanted to take a shower that didn't correspond with her nap.

P.S. I think with that Moby wrap, you'll be ready for the Book Festival! :)

Amy said...

You probably won't be using the crib right from the start anyway. We used a bassinet in our bedroom for the first 3-4 months, although I did start them napping in their crib so they'd get familiar with it. To eliminate getting too much stuff, we got the pack-n-play that had a bassinet attachment, so we used that for the bassinet for all three, but it was also a portable crib for when we needed to bring one along for a trip or whatever.

I also agree with the multiple boppy suggestion. And have a basket with changing diaper supplies on each floor, too. We never used a changing table, just a few washable pads and the couch, bed or floor.

Way to go on all your great finds!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Very proud of you, little momma! My best friend in FL has hardly bought a thing for her 23 month old because friends and family keep giving her hand-me-downs. When kids are that young they only ever use things a few times- if at all.

My only passed on advice is to only use a hand-me-down car seat if you know the previous owner and her history with it. If a car seat has been in an accident, I believe it's best to replace it just to be safe.

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Rats! Just wrote a long comment that got lost....there's definitely still time for a crib! I meant to offer our small but adorable bassinet for the first 8 weeks or so (or 6 if you have a chunker like Nathaniel!).

I agree with Lisa about a bouncy seat for each floor. It was the only way I got a shower every day (well, almost every day!!)


PS Abel's an EXPERT at installing car seats if you want a tutorial.

R. said...

That's awesome that you got such great stuff!