Monday, May 2, 2011

old and new joints

Photo Credit: The Monocle
Brad and I rarely leave our neighborhood for dinner or entertainment. Granted, we don't get out much. But when we do, it's hard to venture to other parts of the city when we still have places here on the Hill to try.

After nearly 11 years of living on Capitol Hill, we finally made it to The Monocle. The food was simple, but good. The service was outstanding. And we loved the political memorabilia and the restaurant's history. We snagged a booth whose walls housed pictures of a very young looking John Boehner, Brad's first boss on Capitol Hill, and Ray LaHood, my parents' former congressman. We didn't see anyone famous, but we vowed to return on a night when Congress is in session. (And even then, I probably won't recognize anyone, but Brad will.)

Continuing our occasional Saturday morning coffee outings, we went to Pound, a newer coffee shop on the Hill, and we loved it! We got lucky and scored two comfy chairs in the back that overlooked the outdoor seating area.

We're still trying to check all Capitol Hill restaurants and coffee shops off our list . . . we need to go out more and the business boom needs to slow down. We can't keep up!

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