Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my new cocktails

Growing up, I was forced to drink a glass of milk with dinner each night. As soon as my parents allowed me to stop, I did. I don't recall drinking a glass of milk since I was a child.

Until now. Oh, the sacrifices you make for your child, even when he or she is in utero.

I started choking down a glass of milk once a day during the early months of pregnancy, and once my nausea subsided, I upped it to two glasses a day. The only way I can get the frothy nastiness down is to hold my breath and chug it. It's not pretty. Brad voluntarily drinks milk every night. I wish I enjoyed it like he does.

I will say, though, that milk, as much as I detest it, is far preferable to my other cocktail these days, something that makes me gag each time I drink it, which thankfully, has only been during times of sheer desperation.

Prune juice.


SusanL said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

rebecca.d.winnett said...

Prune Juice- YIKES!

I'm with Brad. 3 glasses a day and i love every one of them, as long as the milk is super cold!

Jennifer said...

I skipped the juice and went straight for the prunes. That's one of those fun pregnancy things that no one seems to mention!

Coleman said...

I'd choose the milk over prune juice for sure. I definitely had to ingest lots of prune juice during breastfeeding when baby needed it. You might find that prune juice will stick around longer than just pregnancy! Ah, the things we do for our children!

Amy said...

I did it again- sorry. Amy

Carrie - LittleLlamas said...

People wonder how i gained SO much weight when I was pregnant with charlotte. The only thing i craved all pregnancy was Chocolate Milk. While milk is healthy for you, chocolate milk crosses the line into unnecessary. :) I was pretty strict on eating 1 hard boiled egg a day.

But surely you can get all the calcium you need through cheese and yogurt and calcium rich OJ and other Calcium rich veggies.
Hmmm...and prune juice? Never needed it. But I also held on to 1 cup of coffee a day...which might have helped. And fiber rich cereals.

Bummer those are the only cocktails you can enjoy. Maybe you can whip up some maternity "mocktails" to enjoy on hot summer nights!~

Red Stethoscope said...

Aww! I'm with Carrie--I'd be stirring in that Nesquick for the chocolate milk factor! And yes, if you're drinking it for the calcium, you could try other sources (yogurt, supplements, etc.) or even soy milk. Soy milk has a thick-ish consistency when you first try it, but the vanilla flavored is delicious and has the same amount of protein as regular milk. (I almost wrote, "It's also pretty good in coffee," and then...wait, pregnancy! Nevermind! :D)

Heather Nelson said...

I'm thinking ice cream would give you all the calcium you need. :) Good luck with the prune juice thing! Oh the joys of pregnancy!

AMRJ said...

:) I think you milk is missing a key factor -- an oreo to go along with it for dipping! There is no better combination!!