Thursday, May 12, 2011

more steps

All, sorry if this entry is a repeat for some of you. I scheduled it to post early Thursday morning, and it did, for a little while at least. But then Blogger had some kind of outage that messed everything up. So, here it is again. Happy reading!

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Brad's in a wedding this weekend, and for weeks, I've been stressed about what I would wear to the wedding and rehearsal dinner. Although I've been making do with my work and casual clothes (thank you, BeBands!), I didn't have any dresses appropriate for a wedding that I could wear, so I took a deep breath and braved the maternity store circuit last week. This was a big step for me, but a necessary one, and I had some success.

This shopping excursion triggered several observations:

1. How do employees of maternity stores expect to make sales when they say things like this, "You're 21 weeks? NO WAY! Are you sure?", or this, "You're shopping for yourself?! You don't even look pregnant!" I realize they are trying to compliment me, which I appreciate. And, as long as Baby's alive and healthy, I'm thrilled that I'm 22 weeks and haven't blown up in size yet--there's plenty of time for that later. But come on, people. I am getting thicker in the middle and I have gained a little weight. Maybe I am just good at disguising weight gain, which, upon further consideration, may not be a bad talent to have.

2. I adore new clothes. And no matter the reason for buying them, I love loading a dressing room, trying on everything in the store multiple times in various sizes, and then wearing my new outfits as soon as I can. And, I haven't bought new clothes in ages, so I am enjoying a change in my wardrobe. I wore my first maternity garment over the weekend and it was fine. I'm ecstatic to buy maternity clothes for only hot weather. My regular wardrobe will suffice for the few remaining chilly days of spring.

3. Despite nearly everyone telling me that I don't look pregnant, the clothes actually fit better than I expected, making me feel justified in shopping for them. I was tempted to run out of the dressing room and shout to the clerks who made me feel silly for being there, "See, I DO have a little belly! There IS a baby in there!" I dreaded that the clothes would hang on me like a tent, which isn't my style, but the outfits I bought fit great right now and still give me room to grow, Lord willing.

Steps related more to me than directly to Baby, such as shopping for maternity clothes, are easier to make. That's why acquiring a baby item during week 20 felt like a huge accomplishment--I find I'm still shying away from deciding or even thinking about names, furniture, registry, and nursery decor, among many other things. But, I just need to keep plugging. I'll get there eventually.


Diane Mannina said...

In all my days of awkward pregnancy comments, I learned that the only one that truly works is, "You look great!" But people have a hard time just stopping there. :)

Can't wait to see your cute new clothes.

Stacy said...

So thankful for you and Brad, and so glad you are enjoying your new clothes! I'm so glad I can check your blog and keep updated, we think of you and pray for you so often! I'm sure you will look beautiful for the rehearsal and wedding.