Thursday, May 5, 2011

first harvest

I adore my little garden.

I am becoming an expert at gardening in small spaces. I like having a yard with plenty of grass, so I got creative this year with my vegetable planting so I wouldn't be tempted to dig up any more of our already small lawn.

In the photo below, in the pots from left to right, you'll see the following: two pots of peas, one red bell pepper and one yellow bell pepper in the long box sitting on top of the raised bed, and two pots of tomatoes (one heirloom "Bradley" plant--couldn't resist the name--and one cherry tomato plant) sitting on top of the second raised bed. In the left raised bed, you'll see my Mesclun greens with chives taking up one small corner and green beans in the other bed.

My Mesclun greens are going crazy and I harvested the first batch this weekend to make a salad for my book club meeting. They were delicious and tasted exactly like what I buy at my beloved farmers market behind my house for $7/pound. (Two packages of Mesclun greens seeds cost me no more than $3. I know that lettuce is a spring crop and won't last through the summer, but I'm thrilled to grow my own and to harvest it myself for as long as I can.)

And I can't forget my beloved herb garden. Sage, oregano, peppermint, spearmint, thyme, and rosemary all came back on their own. I sowed seeds for my regulars--basil, parsley, dill, cilantro--as well as two new ones this year--lavender and tarragon.

I love these early pictures when everything is neat and tidy.

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BBH said...

I love the raised wooden beds! I'm itching to go get my fingers in the flower bed now!