Monday, May 9, 2011

dining room updates

I haven't touched the dining room since last year's art frenzy. If you recall, one blank wall remained.

Brad and I recently stumbled upon a perfect print to fill this wall. It's huge and goes with our "places" theme in the room. It's a drawing of Washington, DC circa 1892. Our current house isn't on the map because it was built in 1915. We love it that our current block is farmland in the picture. Take a peek.

I need something decorative to place on the buffet because the faux flower arrangement was too tall and has been moved. Here's a closer look at the print.

I moved the faux flower arrangement to another corner of the room. It now has its own stand.

If we ever live in a city other than the nation's capital, we will constantly be explaining our obsession with DC-themed artwork.


Organized Living by Amy said...

Very cool. I love it!

Kelly said...

Very nice!

BBH said...

That's so pretty! I really like the red.