Friday, May 20, 2011

backyard beauty

After 18 bags of black mulch, 150 feet of weed control fabric, countless trips to Frager's, Lowe's, Home Depot, Gingko Gardens, and Behnke Nurseries, and several weekends of solid work, Brad and I are finally done with our yard prep for this year. Now we just need to maintain it all, which is no small feat!

Let's take a tour of the backyard, shall we?

I'm proud to say that the long bed in the right of the picture contains ALL perennials--roses, hyndrangeas, azaleas, columbine, and honeysuckle--a switch for me because I'm such a sucker for the vibrant annuals! Assuming that everything lives and thrives, I shouldn't have to do any other planting here in future years. You can see my newly remodeled bed in the background (the rhododendrons).

My precious herb garden, well on its way to getting out of control...

My regular garden: peas, Mesclun greens, chives, green beans, tomatoes, and peppers.

A view of the back of the house--bright annuals on all levels and hanging baskets on the first-floor deck!

Flowers in boxes on our second-floor deck--I love walking home from the farmers market behind our house to see these petunias peeping over the railing at me.

A bird's-eye snapshot of our backyard, taken by leaning over the railing of our second-floor deck. Our grass is looking a little better.

The sad thing is, although plenty of people see my front yard, few people see the backyard. I guess I need to entertain more. But, even if no one else ever sees it, my heart still fills with joy every time I walk out back or look out the kitchen window. Flowers--they make me happy.

Happy gardening!


Lindsey said...

wow! that looks really good!

rebecca.d.winnett said...

this is soooo beautiful! What a great city gardener you have become!

I love the aerial view!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Sooo pretty! Y'all did a fabulous job!

Doctor Blondie said...

Oh my, you have the cutest house!!! Lovely garden too, but I just fell in love with the back of your house.

R. said...

Your backyard is beautiful. Gardening is not my thing - I kill everything so I am totally impressed.