Friday, April 22, 2011

monster plant intervention

Brad moved from a gorgeous, huge, light-filled office overlooking Dupont Circle to a smaller, windowless office in Rayburn, much to his plants' dismay. One plant in particular, the monster pictured below, was only a foot tall when we got it, and grew to over nine feet in length thanks to the wall of west-facing windows in Brad's Dupont office. Just to get the thing in the car and home, where it now lives with Fern, Sprout, and all the others, I had to implement an intervention: plant surgery

The monster in its tiny, original pot
 It loves sun.

Growing toward the windows
 I hacked about four feet off its top.

Severed limb

I pray it lives at home in a shadier location. This plant is still taller than me!


Doctor Blondie said...

Heh, it's pretty cool, actually!

Diane Mannina said...

It's totally like one of those plants out of a kid's book. Love it!

Kelly said...

I love that plant!