Friday, April 29, 2011

April recipe challenge: souffle au chocolat

My friend Kelli's recent attempt at Julia Child's chocolate souffle inspired this month's challenge. Anything that involves baking is usually a challenge for me.

The ingredients . . . looks simple, right? What could be so hard about making a souffle? (Ha!)

Julia's recipe called for folding the chocolate mixture into a meringue. "Just this simple change in method gives the souffle staying power so that instead of collapsing rather rapidly into a pudding, it stays up and retains its primal souffle character." (v. 1, p. 619) Ha, ha, HA!

I baked the souffle for much longer than the recipe called for, and it still didn't rise as much as it should have.

Shouldn't souffles have a nicely rounded top, at least initially? Mine is as flat as a pancake.

And then moments after taking the picture above, the souffle collapsed and began to die a slow and painful death, pulling rapidly away from the edges of the dish, and turning into a gooey mess.

We ate it anyway, and although the dish wasn't pretty, it was good, especially served piping hot and topped with vanilla ice cream.


AMRJ said...

Your description of the rise (sort of) and fall (so sad) of your souffle cracks me up! I can just see myself in that situation and how amused/disappointed I would be! :)

Mister Ornery said...

I wouldn't even try making a souffle considering that I used my last pie crust to re-sole my slippers.

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

I've never attempted a souffle but love to bake! We should team up sometime with you cooking and me baking!! :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Could the fall maybe have to do with the glass dish? I don't know if this is a wives tale or truth but I've read in several recipes for bread (where you want it to rise) that you should avoid glass baking dishes. No idea if there is truth to the matter but maybe try something non-glass next time? And for the record, I think it looks great!