Monday, March 7, 2011

no buried treasure here

Growing and maintaining grass has always been difficult for Brad and me, but this year, we have an extra tough challenge. Look at the havoc the squirrels have wreaked on our backyard this winter.

Every time I look out the kitchen window or door, I see at least one squirrel, sometimes more, frantically digging in our backyard. They must be searching for buried treasure. Look at how they've destroyed our grass.

Brad and I spent a good chunk of Saturday following my boss's "foolproof" method of growing a bed of thick, healthy grass. We'll see if it works!

On another note, I planted my first produce of 2011: peas and Mesclun greens!

I'm thrilled the dirt digging has begun!

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BBH said...

WOW at what the squirrels have done. I want a vegetable garden so badly! I can't wait to see pics of your plantings.