Thursday, March 3, 2011

"and may we recognize each other without sound or sign..."

Alpha Gam house at U of I     
A few weeks ago, a young woman who graduated last May from my alma mater emailed to tell me she was moving to DC. We are members of the same women's fraternity, and Rosie had gotten my name and email address from an alumnae database and was looking to network.

We arranged to have dinner once she arrived in town. Monday night, as I walked into the jam-packed restaurant, without knowing anything about Rosie but her name, I picked her out of the crowd immediately. She's an Alpha Gam--I could just tell--and sure enough, when Rosie saw me, she instantly knew who I was.

We recognized each other without sound or sign, exactly as our new member educators had taught us, 14 years apart!

Those of you who are not Greek won't understand this phenomenon, and will roll your eyes--like Brad did when I burst into the house and told him all about it--as you read this post, probably for good reason. But . . . I just can't explain it. When it actually happened the other night, I was blown away.

I had a ball getting to know Rosie. We compared notes on what it was like to live in a sorority house with 71 other women. We compared our respective leadership positions within the house. After I explained that cell phones didn't exist when I was in college and I didn't have an email address until senior year, we laughed about how technology has replaced certain chores that my pledge sisters and I got stuck doing.

We both spent our college years nurtured by Nancy, the dearest and most compassionate house mother any sorority girl could ever ask for. And, Rosie's anxieties and concerns at age 23 mirror my own from that phase of life.

Technology advances and the world races to keep up. But some things--from the instant bonds of sisterhood to the heart-wrenching days of figuring out who you are post-college--never change.



Katie said...

This is such a great story! I love it - and that's coming from someone who was not in a sorority.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

What a sweet squirrel story!! I've been advising for more than five (eeks!) years now- so I seem veeery old to the newest sisters. They get the biggest kick out of my AGD stories- though mostly due to different recruitment styles. But when they realize that we are really more similar than different, it's s sweet to see their faces make that connection.

Susannah said...

Nice digs!

bsblchik said...

...To cultivate acquaintance with many whom I meet, to cherish friendships with but a chosen few and to study the perfecting of those friendships. ;)