Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the vision-part II: check!

I accomplished the first part of my grand vision for the front yard last summer when I made the wasteland between the public sidewalk and the curb into a flower bed. Part two of my vision included ripping out the old, crumbly, cement front walk and replacing it with a new brick walk.

Here is the before picture: not pretty at all. 

See the footprint in the cement (see closeup below)? Classy, huh? This footprint has bothered me since the moment we moved into this house.

We hired a mason to rip up the concrete and install a brick walk as well as a brick border around the front yard (to keep the mulch from spilling out). I love how it turned out! Take a look.

It's exactly what I had envisioned. Once spring arrives, I'll move my tiny evergreens to the back and replace them with urns overflowing with flowers.

And here's the border around all three sides of the yard. I hope it will help keep the mulch and dirt looking tidier.

The yard is bare today, but now that the walk and border are done, I will turn into a planting and mulching queen come April. I'm already brainstorming part III of my vision: beautifying the front yard and giving it a more permanent look.

I wish I had a grand vision like this for the inside of my house; even for a minimalist like me, too many bare spots and blank walls remain.


SusanL said...

It looks wonderful!

ASP said...

Love the way the bricks are placed instead of the regular ol' way! It's going to look really nice with flowers! Coooooome oooon, Spring!

Katie said...

It looks great! And so welcoming to you and your guests. Very nice!

Caitlin said...

It looks beautiful! What a big difference, it will look even prettier with all the flowers in the spring.

Susannah said...


kerryandtorey said...

looks great! And, the inside of your house always looks nice too.

AMRJ said...

I love your new sidewalk and front yard. I can't wait to see it in the Spring. You guys are going ot have one of those yards that makes me happy when I walk past (mostly b/c I cannot replicate it in my own yard as much as a i try...sigh...)