Tuesday, February 15, 2011

meeting my birthday twin

Personalized dessert
Did I not say on Friday how I rarely met anyone who shared my birthday? And sure enough, I met my birthday twin at Marcel's that night.

She was the only female food server on a crew of 12 that evening. She wasn't Brad's and my attendant, but our server realized the coincidence when he picked up my personalized dessert from the chef and she saw it and remarked to him, "Is that for me?"

Yes, she not only shares my birthday, but her first name is also Rebecca and we were born the same year! Can you believe it?

Brad and I enjoyed dining at Marcel's. The lighting and atmosphere perfectly suited my taste (whew!), which is always my biggest hurdle with dining out. The room was dark, intimate, and cozy. Our table had a tiny candle. The service was stellar. I appreciated how diners could choose among a three-, four-, five-, or seven-course menu, making selections from any of the five "tiers" on the menu. The chef gave me a free, personalized dessert.

The only downside is that while the food was good and they had a wide selection, most items that Brad and I selected just weren't memorable. They were good, but not outstanding. For food alone, I would choose other restaurants before Marcel's. But, taking into account the entire package, I would definitely recommend this restaurant and I would go there again.

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SusanL said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner! How neat running into your "twin"