Wednesday, February 16, 2011

love continues

Remember last fall when I mentioned the lovebirds in my class? Well, they both work for me this semester. I'm a softy and hired both of them; I couldn't help but consider them a package. Thankfully for all of us, they still appear to be in love. They arrive at and leave from staff meetings and class together. They sit next to each other at staff meetings. But, I haven't spotted any handholding yet unless they're doing it under the table!

My sophomores must be a loving bunch because I spotted another student in love just recently. On Monday night, Brad and I went to Bistro Italiano, one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants and our Valentine's Day tradition. Imagine my shock when I saw one of my sophomores cozied up at a tiny two-top with a cute girl (who I did not recognize). My student and I looked at each other in shock, said hello, and then promptly avoided each other. But, Bistro Italiano is a tiny restaurant (only about 10-12 little tables) and Brad and I ended up sitting very close to my student and his girlfriend. I was dying to accost him and find out what on earth he was doing at a restaurant that I assumed only Hill residents knew about, but I exercised utmost restraint and left him alone. Hoping he would stop by to chat on his way out, I watched for him to leave. But, after he paid the bill (and yes, I was so proud so observe that he paid), he stood up and practically ran out of the restaurant past me. I guess he felt a little awkward, too.

On Tuesday morning, I emailed him as soon as I got to the office to ask how he ended up at Bistro Italiano. He said he wanted to take a girlfriend to a restaurant in DC and she likes Italian food, so he researched Italian restaurants in DC that were reasonably priced and chose Bistro Italiano. I already thought highly of this kid, but my opinion of him skyrocketed when I found out that he had put time and thought into making the date special for his girlfriend. He planned in advance. He did research. He paid the bill. He just needs to upgrade his outfit of a ratty t-shirt and tennis shoes and he should be set!

I delight in seeing my book-smart students in these situations. They're socially awkward sometimes, but just like the rest of us, they need love, too.