Friday, February 11, 2011

birthday twins

Have you ever noticed how some birthdays are more popular than others? I know at least four people who were born on April 14th. I know a similar number of people born on September 19th. This year, I was surprised to notice that two of my facebook friends shared Brad's birthday. I had never considered January 25th to be a popular birth date before.

I have met very few people in my life who share my birthday, which is today, February 11th. I've combed through my church's directory, looking for birthday twins. When I meet someone with a February birthday, I eagerly ask the day.

Of all the celebrities who share my special day, I have two favorites:

Jennifer Aniston, who I can see myself being friends with in real life, you know, if she weren't famous and all,

and Taylor Lautner, who is a perfect Jacob in the Twilight movies, but even his sweetness (and abs) could never sway my loyalty from Team Edward! I do love having Taylor as my birthday twin, even though he is nearly half my age.

Who are your birthday twins, celebrity or otherwise?


Emily said...

I share a date with Matt Damon and Chevy Chase--Oct 8.

Organized Living by Amy said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Blondie!

Doctor Blondie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I have some random girl from my year at uni, with whom I have absolutely nothing in common..
and apparently:
Kate Hudson,
Paloma Picasso (daughter of Pablo Picasso)
Hayden Christiansen
Maria Sharapova (tennis player).
April 19.

rebecca.d.winnett said...

I've always had friends with Feb 11th birthdays, Christy, Emily, and now you! You are in very good company in my mind! Happiest Birthday to you!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Dear!!! I share my birthday with Brian Austin Green. But more exciting, it was fun to see that on Rooster Cogburn's tombstone at the end of "True Grit", his birthday was also July 15. Literary characters birthday's count too, right?

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Happy Birthday!! Those are very fun birthday twins!!

kerryandtorey said...

happy birthday! I share a birthday with George H.W. Bush, Anne Frank and coincidentally with Forte.

BBH said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday twin is Mary Tyler Moore.

Jennifer V said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and I hope you get to celebrate all weekend!

My birthday twins are Robert Redford, Patrick Swayze, and Christian Slater. Not bad company, I think. :-)

Esther said...

Hope your bday was great! It's funny you mentioned April 14th, because that's my birthday too, and I have only none 1-2 people to share it, so I assumed it's not a popular one. (I do like to claim that two sad, but historic events happened on April 14th though: Titanic began to sink, and also Abraham Lincoln was assasinated). Also, I had about 6 people on facebook who shared your Feb 11th! :)