Monday, February 7, 2011

all i need is love

I recently finished reading Jane Eyre, and I loved it. Thanks to all who encouraged me to read it! And I read it just in time to watch the newest version of the movie when it releases this spring. (Who wants to see it with me?)

Finishing this book got me thinking about my favorite books and why I adore them. Most of them possess a common thread: love. The romance doesn't have to take center stage, but it needs to be there. I need the longing, the chase, the conquest, and of course a happy ending. Smooches and terms of endearment aren't bad either!

I don't love all romances, though. Discussion about The Time Traveler's Wife nearly caused a divorce among my book club a couple years ago. People either loved or hated it. (Unfortunately, I was in the latter group.)

To me, it's all about the characters. If I don't love a character, I'll never like the book. Mr. Rochester, Mr. Darcy, Edward Cullen, and Rhett Butler have as little in common as their counterparts Jane, Lizzie, Bella, and Scarlett do, but I love them all. I identified with some aspect of each character. They became real in my mind, sometimes too real.

What's your common thread among the books you love?


rebecca.d.winnett said...

oh Rebecca- I just adore you and completely agree. I'm in for Jane Eyre the movie just let me know when.

A favorite of mine that would fit well into this list is "Cold Mountain" if it weren't for Ada and Inman's love story I couldn't finish the book. Love- its divine.

kerryandtorey said...

I did not know they were making Jane Eyre into a movie but I am totally up for seeing it! That is one of my favorite books.

Have you read The Red Tent? That is another favorite of mine.

Doctor Blondie said...

I have come to a point where I don't finish it if I don't at the very least like it.
I don't need love in a book in order to love it... I think I need to be kept interested.
I loved 'Long Walk to Freedom', but it had nothing to do with romantic love. I actually hate lovey-dovey stories; I like to keep the enamel on my teeth.
I need to be able to see the story happen before my eyes in my mind, I have to feel it.

Currently reading 'The Complete Job Applicatin book' though, and quite hating it actually.

Next on my list is 'The White Queen' from the author of 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. More fun, less neccesary.

Chief said...

great blog!

Emily said...

Totally up for Jane Eyre the movie--will be up for the hurting the director/producer if they mess up my favorite book! :-)

So glad you liked it.

I'm still in GMAT Hades so I'm not reading anything right now... :-(

@rdweatherly said...

Now, you need to read The Jane Eyre Affair. It's the first in the Thursday Next series. Lots of fun! I have them all if you want to borrow.