Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a true calling

85 years old
55 years of practicing medicine and still going strong
1 small town medical practice that is open 7 days a week and every holiday
3,500+ babies delivered (more than the population of his town)
0 vacation days taken since World War II

Neatest thing about Dr. Russell R. Dohner of Rushville, IL?
To this day, he only charges $5 for an office visit.

Second neatest thing about Dr. Dohner?
He delivered me:).

The Today Show discovered Dr. Dohner in 1983. When he refused to fly to New York City to appear on the show because that meant taking a day off, the cast and crew came to him. (I still remember that day. I was nine years old. Nothing fires up a small town like television cameras from the big city!) The Today Show recently did a follow-up interview with this inspiring man--take a peek.


Organized Living by Amy said...

super cute story!

kerryandtorey said...

great story and very cool he delivered you!

Doctor Blondie said...

How amazing is that!

Katie said...

WOW! Cool to see your town, too.

SusanL said...

Thanks for sharing that story!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

That's so amazing!

rebecca.d.winnett said...

I just loved this being a small town girl myself! Thanks friend.

AMRJ said...

i saw that story! Can't believe he delivered you!