Monday, January 24, 2011

reading/marriage challenge

During Brad's and my holiday staycation, I told him about the books I was considering reading as part of my 2011 goals. At that time, I was still torn on whether I'd tackle The Count of Monte Cristo. It has rave reviews and I've wanted to read the book for quite a while. But after finishing two tomes in 2010, I wasn't sure I was ready to dive into another 1,000+ page book. That sort of reading requires serious planning to ensure I don't get behind on my other books.

But as soon as I mentioned The Count of Monte Cristo to Brad, he burst with an enthusiasm I never believed him capable of. He begged we read and discuss it together, like book club (something we've joked about doing for years). Because I'd never quell anyone's enthusiasm for reading, I agreed.

But because I know my husband and his reading habits, I established some conditions before I agreed to this idea. Brad loves to read, but he's fickle about books. He thinks nothing of starting a book and discarding it only pages later if it doesn't hook him soon enough, something I can remember doing only once in my life (and I still feel guilty about it). I told him that if I read all 1,312 pages of The Count of Monte Cristo and he didn't, he would put our marriage in jeopardy. As an additional incentive to finish, I told him that if he bailed on our agreement, he had to read Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer's unpublished version of Twilight from Edward's perspective, which, of course, is all the motivation he needs to do his part.

I need to read ahead on selections for my book clubs, and then Brad and I will begin The Count of Monte Cristo in February or March. This book could be a fun activity for us, or it could strain our marriage. Let's hope for the former. I'll keep you posted.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh you two crack me up! I can't wait to hear how this marriage book club turns out!

Katie said...

It is a GREAT BOOK! You will both love it! I read it in 2009 and wish I had someone to read it with, I think you will have so much fun doing this together.

BBH said...

Aww, man! I wish my husband would read books and discuss them with me! I am lucky if I get him to pick up a magazine! Anyway, you have a blog award at my blog if you want it! :)

Heather N. said...

CMC is one of my favorite books. Such a fascinating plot. Good luck! :)