Friday, January 21, 2011

birthday season begins again

Longtime readers know of Brad's and my birthday and anniversary dinner traditions. And that season is upon us again as Brad's birthday is next Tuesday and we'll go out this weekend to celebrate it.

But this year, these fancy dinners feel a little strange. You see, we weren't supposed to be dining out this year for our birthdays. 2011 was going to be our year of ordering pizza and sitting at home in our comfy clothes. Our twins were due on Valentine's Day, but we expected them anytime from mid-January on. We were going to be a family where each member's birthday fell within a three-week window. "Birthday season", as I like to call it, was going to take on new meaning for us and for our little family.

So, dining out like usual feels a little disappointing this year, but I'm sure that we'll enjoy ourselves anyway and of course, we're extremely thankful for the means to fund this tradition and the time to uphold it. We're going back to Brad's favorite, The Caucus Room, for his birthday. For my birthday, we're going to Marcel's. I've heard mixed reviews of Marcel's, but it's one of the few high-end restaurants in DC that we haven't tried, and I feel the need to make the rounds. As long as the lights are low, I'll be happy.


Doctor Blondie said...

Enjoy it while it lasts. You'll be wishing for this in 10 years.

And happy birthday season!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday! When Jack's birthday starts coming around I think of you and Brad. Now I will also think of your twins. Much love and prayers to you both.