Monday, January 3, 2011

back at it

Brad's and my holiday staycation was phenomenal--the best present ever for both of us! We watched seven movies (blog post coming soon), visited the United States Botanic Garden (blog post coming soon), kept our neighborhood coffee tradition alive (blog post coming soon), toured the trees, shopped till we dropped on two different days (but thankfully, did not have to share a dressing room!), went out for dinner at one of our favorite special-occasion restaurants to ring in the new year, and enjoyed being hermits. We could get used to bowing out of the holiday rat race.

Thanks to six vacation days, one comp day, two furlough days, and six university holidays, I've had a nice long break. I haven't seen my office since Friday, December 10th! So, I'm happy to be back to a routine today, catching up on emails and preparing for my semester to begin in three weeks. When my darling students arrive back on campus on January 24th, I'll be rested and ready.

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