Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a tour of trees

One other Christmas Day tradition includes visiting the National Christmas Tree. This year, we opted for a tour of trees.

First, we started at home, admiring our own, and setting up timed shots with the camera.

Our beloved tree

We can easily kill 30 minutes just trying to get a couple of pictures.

Playing with the camera's timer

Then, we ventured to see the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse. It was packed, as usual. The tree's a little chintzy, in my opinion, but I do love the smaller trees representing each state, commonwealth, and territory, the yule log, and the many small trains racing around the giant tree.

National Christmas Tree

On a whim on our drive home, we decided to park and walk up to the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, something I'm embarrassed to admit we've never done in the more-than-ten years we've lived here. This tree was much more authentic than the National Christmas Tree--we could see its branches and ornaments and imperfections; it wasn't just a cone-shaped structure with a massive, lighted net stretched over it. The area surrounding this gorgeous tree was not crowded at all, and we could walk right up to the tree and stand there for as long as we wanted without being jostled or pushed along. And, who can beat the United States Capitol as a backdrop?

U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

I'm never sorry to see the holidays end and a new year begin, but I will miss these trees!


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Love the pics in front of your tree! The Capitol tree is our fav but I am very sorry to say that we didn't get to either the WH or Cap. tree this year :(

rebecca.d.winnett said...

such cute self-timed photos! Your staycation sounded like a dream!

Caitlin said...

Your tree is gorgeous! I love all the tinsel!