Tuesday, November 9, 2010

goodbye garden

I nearly broke my back this summer beautifying my backyard, until the end of August, when I quit. I haven't weeded, pruned, deadheaded, or tidied things up back there since the conclusion of our entertaining month. Dinner parties ended, the company left, and I got lazy.

The poor yard suffered a slow and excruciating death.

Especially my little garden.

On Saturday, I called it quits and vowed to try better next year.

I ended up with a decent final collection of produce: green tomatoes, tons of yellow bell peppers that are still green, jalepeno peppers, and another eggplant (significantly smaller than the first one).

Brad and I filled seven large trash bags with yard waste. And I haven't even touched my flowers yet, many of which are still blooming.

Goodbye, garden! Only five long short months and I will lavish you with attention again!

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