Friday, November 19, 2010

the first and last article I will ever read in sports illustrated

Runners, aspiring runners, and supporters of runners, you MUST read this article in a recent Sports Illustrated. (Trust me, I have never picked up this magazine in my life, and I never plan to again, but Brad knew that this article would speak to my heart. And it did.)

You may be devastated, like I was, that Pheidippides's famous 26.2 mile run from Marathon to Athens wasn't really 26.2 miles, and that it probably didn't happen at all. (That's okay. I still plan to take a vacation to Greece, visit Marathon, and pretend the legend is true.)

But you will be encouraged by the stories of some of the finishers of the recent marathon in Athens, which celebrated the Battle of Marathon, and Pheidippides's legendary run, 2,500 years ago.

The article's author gets it. If he hasn't run a marathon, he's certainly spent substantial time around people who have.

Brad declared his official retirement from marathons after we completed the one in San Diego in 2009. But this article spoke to his heart, too. And I'm saving it just in case I can use it to lure him out of retirement.


Susannah said...

Ooh, amazing. Had a few tears streaming by the end of that one. Thanks for sharing!

rebecca.d.winnett said...

Thank you so much for sharing ( first SI article I've read as well) I saved a copy for myself and already feel like I want to take a long run tonight instead of my prior plans! I may do another marathon yet :)