Wednesday, November 3, 2010

#8: please shower

I have one more item to add to my "how to improve your chances of getting a job list": don't stink. Literally.

I interviewed one of the sophomores in my class for an undergraduate teaching assistant position next semester. Although he "dressed up" for the interview (collared shirt and khaki shorts = dressing up for college students), answered my questions appropriately, and seemed to really want the job, there was still a problem--a huge one, in my opinion. His body odor made my eyes water. That 15 minutes trapped in a small conference room with little ventilation with him almost made me vomit. Did he not know that he stunk? How could he not know?

I actually like this kid and was disappointed not to hire him. He's smart, friendly, and conscientious, but apparently not with personal hygiene.


Katie said...

I've had a few meetings with students who smell too. Many times I can also tell they have been running around campus (running late and stressed to add to the problem)but still everyone else is able to smell clean, it's not that hard. Are you going to confront him about it??? That would be a tough teachable moment.

Dr. Blondie said...

Katie, how do I have that conversation? Advice? I worried that he would want to know why he wasn't hired. I knew that I would have to be honest with him. But I don't have any clue how to give this feedback.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

When I lived in DC I did recruiting and had this happen once. Finally my boss took the guy aside and flat out said that he had an odor problem and did he realize it. He said he actually did- it was a medical issue and he was trying to combat it with that natural deoderant. So she talked to him about showering frequently and stuff. It was holy uncomfortable but had to be said and in the end I know he appreciated someone talking to him.