Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the next tome

I'm behind on my running and reading goals for the year, but I'm trying my best to catch up before January 1st. I'm forcing myself to run farther distances to make up miles (that's not cheating, is it?) and I have a strict reading plan for the rest of the year: only books for book club, my reading goals list, or church. No distractions are allowed. I don't care how many people rave about a book--if it's not on my list, I'm not opening it until I either meet my goals or give up. No exceptions!

I just started reading the next tome on my goals list, Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind.

I have wanted to read this book for years, and I'm ecstatic to finally get to it. It's a chunkster--959 pages. Not as long as War and Peace, but long enough.

I'm only 150 pages in and I've barely made a dent.

I love the book thus far. It's an easier read than War and Peace. Plus, I'm familiar with the storyline because I'm a fan of the movie. Can you believe that Brad has never seen the entire movie? And he calls himself a Southerner! I told him that as soon as I finish the book, he needs to watch the movie with me. You can guess how thrilled he was with that idea.

Now, back to Tara . . .


rebecca.d.winnett said...

i love this book, I love the movie. Atlanta just doesn't hold the same romanticism it did back then :) Enjoy every last page of it. I'[m still trying to keep a steady pace in W and P.

Amy said...

I loved that book. I remember reading it in eighth grade and not wanting to put it down. I actually got in trouble for reading it in class once, but I make the teacher laugh when I said it was like studying history.

Amanda said...

I've been "trying" to read GWTW for years and never started it. So you're already a winner!

Emily said...

LOVE GWTW! I own the DVD and the VHS of the movie--plus a documentary on the making of the movie, ;-) Holler if you need to borrow them.