Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fall frolic day

Each fall, I claim the one Saturday that Tennessee has a bye weekend as mine. Brad spends the entire day with me doing whatever I want, which normally means visiting a pumpkin patch.

We left town at 10 a.m. on Saturday and didn't get home until 8 p.m., but we had a fun day! We drove about an hour away to our favorite pumpkin patch, Hollin Farms in Delaplane, Virginia.

The pumpkin patch sits on top of a hill and affords stunning views.

View of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the edge of the pumpkin patch

This patch is authentic--the pumpkins are still growing on the vines in the field. You have to harvest your own.

Brad in the patch with pumpkins as far as the eye can see!
Hollin Farms also has an orchard and garden where you can pick your own greens. If you're looking for tons of activities for kids, this is not the place. But we like it because it's a real pumpkin patch and not just a fall carnival.

Self portrait amidst the pick-your-own-greens area
We bought two large pumpkins, one large gourd, and a handful of small pumpkins and gourds.

the spoils
We left the pumpkin patch and went to the nearby Hot Air Balloon, Wine, and Music Festival to visit with our friends for a little while. Brad and I also ate corn dogs, which we hadn't done since the last time we attended that festival two years ago. After the festival, we stopped by two wineries for tastings, shopped at Tysons, and picked up dinner on the way home. It was a full, but great day.

Tennessee Vols, please take a weekend off more often!


Organized Living by Amy said...

How fun! Sounds similar to our Saturday. Check my post later. :)

SusanL said...

How fun! I'm with you. Please take more weeks off from playing, Tennessee!!!

rebecca.d.winnett said...

I love this day! It sounds perfect. I've been to Barrel Oak but not to the other vineyard you visited! I may have to do a very similiar saturday some day soon to fully celebrate Fall in DC!

Kerry said...

I have a great picture of you and Miss H I need to post! It was great seeing you both. And, that pumpkin patch is now our favorite.

Amanda said...

what a FUN day!