Wednesday, September 22, 2010

groceries at target
Is it true that all Target stores are adding a grocery section?

A number of people have raved about grocery shopping at Target, and I had to make my every-other-month trip there anyway, so I decided to check it out, excited to cross two tasks off my to-do list with one errand.

Maybe it was because the Target I went to near my work is not particularly nice and it's on the small side, but I was underwhelmed and frankly, pretty disappointed. Thankfully, my grocery list was small--it only included 15 items and very little produce, so I was able to find all but one item: pancetta. Is Italian bacon really that uncommon?

I have no idea if my weekly grocery list is typical of most shoppers, but 90% of it usually includes fresh produce and meat, dairy, and what I consider fancy cheese. I buy little frozen food and only the bare necessities in canned and dry goods. I buy less produce at the grocery store during the summer because of my beloved farmers' market in my backyard.

On this particular grocery list, I only had three produce items: grapes, bananas, and garlic. Although I found all three, I was disappointed with the selection and the quality. I bought them anyway because I didn't want to have to make another stop. (This was before I realized that Target had no pancetta and I would have to stop at a grocery store anyway.) This store's meat section was scary and they had few options in the dairy cooler.

Target seems great for canned and dry goods. Cereal is cheap there, and because Brad eats the same cereal for breakfast every morning, I stock up on his favorite. But I probably won't venture there again with my full grocery list.

What's your experience been? Am I being too harsh? Should I give it another try, perhaps at a bigger and nicer store?


Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

My target is currently remodeling for the new grocery section, which I think will be finished in mid-October. The store is kind of small as it is so I'm curious to see what the grocery selection is like. And I'm wondering what merchandise they got rid of to make room for the groceries.

rebecca.d.winnett said...

I find the grocery store at target to be much like trader joes for me- a few key items ( i too eat HNC every morning) tazo tea (they always have a good selection of flavors) and a few other necessities are easy to pick up but i can't do most of my shopping there either

kerryandtorey said...

Target is good for cereal, organic whole milk and sometimes they have great deals on ground beef/chicken but I definitely can't do all my shopping there. The produce is definitely not the greatest.