Wednesday, September 15, 2010

basil or bust

As usual, my herb garden is a hot mess. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sage is fighting the mints for rule of the garden. Last year's victor, parsley, after surviving Snowpocalypse, bowed out early in the season. It had already been through enough, I guess. The basil plants are small trees. Look how tall they are! They reach my chest.

I foresee an excess of basil pesto in my future.

Last year, my herb garden lived until the first snow in early December. I stuffed my Thanksgiving turkey with my own herbs. Here's hoping Rosemary and the rest of the gang persist until Christmas this year!


Organized Living by Amy said...

I wish I had as many herbs as you. Next year I'm for sure doing seeds. If you want to use up some of your herbs, you should make a bunch of pesto and freeze it for the winter. That's what I'm hoping to do.

Dr. Blondie said...

Amy, yes, I have been making and freezing basil pesto for weeks now. I need to invest in a larger food processor--it's tedious to make pesto with my tiny little Cuisinart!

Next year, I'm going to start with the little plants of my favorite and most used herbs and also plant seeds. I've done seeds the past two years, and I love how much you get for your money, but I hate waiting until late May for them to be viable. So, I'll buy a couple little plants to hold me over, and then plant lots of seeds, too.