Monday, August 2, 2010

space issues

One of my weaknesses as a gardener is that I'm a horrible judge of space. I have a difficult time predicting how much room plants will need as they mature to full size. It's a good thing I never wanted to be an architect, landscape or otherwise!

Unlike my hot and thirsty perennials in the front yard, the backyard continues to thrive, probably because the plants were well established by the time the heat wave began in early June. But I have a problem.

My flower bed looked so bare when I first planted it in April. At the time, I was tempted to add a few more plants to fill things in a bit.
April 2010

I'm so glad I endured the naked look because the bed is bursting right now without one inch of extra space.

July 2010

I love that my Knock Out rose bushes are on their fourth bloom of the summer. The dahlias and snapdragons have quadrupled (at least) in size.

I'm no better at spacing out fruits and vegetables. I made the mistake of cramming four plants in my tiny new bed.

June 12, 2010

And now the green pepper, eggplant, cantaloupe, and watermelon are all fighting for space. The cantaloupe has resorted to spreading out into the back yard, adding yet another mowing challenge for Brad. Notice my wild-as-ever herb garden in the background of the photo below (I've already cut it back three times).

July 2010
Crammed and overgrown--that's my gardening style. I strive to make the most of the little space I have.


Katie said...

It looks gorgeous!

Kelli Elisabeth said...

Oh I love it!! The only space I have is a mason jar hanging from the ceiling in front of our kitchen window, in which has one relatively sad little basil plant resides. I'm super impressed by your amazing garden! Nice work!

@rdweatherly said...

Could you please come plant things in our yard? We're going to redo the backyard next year, and I think you would be much better suited to planting than me. I have a black thumb! :(