Monday, August 16, 2010

serious scholar or fun fashionista?

Last February at my annual eye exam appointment, my optometrist said I was on the fast track to needing bifocals. Having just turned 36, my eyes were prematurely losing the ability to focus--this normally happens once you turn 40 or older. He updated my contact and eyeglass prescriptions, and recommended progressive lenses in a new pair of glasses that would ease my transition to bifocals later on. It had been at least five years since I had gotten new eyeglasses, so I was sold . . .  as soon as my new benefits year and healthcare flexible spending account started in July.

I debated between two pairs: dark brown Gucci frames that made me look schoolmarmish and super smart and cream/beige BVLGARI frames that went well with my hair color and were just plain fun.

Which pair do you think I chose?

Go ahead, think about it.

I chose FUN! My scholarly days are over.

My new glasses came in last week.

The Gucci frames looked too dark against my light hair and complexion. I typically avoid wearing beige and cream tops as they wash me out, but something about these frames just seemed right.

Aren't they fun? They're different and I like that I don't see them on every other person walking down the street. Here's the side view.

I love them. And although I never wear eyeglasses in public, I feel glamorous lying in bed at night and reading my book while wearing them.


Organized Living by Amy said...

They're cute. I like them!

kerryandtorey said...

very nice!

rebecca.d.winnett said...

absolutely love them! I also have glasses that I only wear as needed but secretly love them!

Katie said...

They are great! So fun!

jennifer v said...

love them! and, i'm in that same camp. i didn't really need chanel frames, but i sure do like them. and, then, when i got an eye infection during our february snowcation and i had to go back to work wearing glasses, it was nice to have trendy, fun frames that i like.

Amy said...

Very cute!

SusanL said...

So glad you got the cute ones!

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

LOVE them!! EVERY time I get glasses, I try to get really cute ones and promise myself I will start wearing them once a week or so and I never do! Those are so cute, though, you have to wear them other than for bed!