Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fern's baby

Babies don't stay babies very long.

If you recall, after waiting a never-ending ten months, just after I was about to evict Fern's stump from its prime real estate, I found hope in the pot on April 15th.

I waited with bated breath to see what would come of this new development. Was the tiny sprout simply a weed's seed that had wafted in through our window or front door? Was Fern actually reproducing? I began to affectionately call this new plant "Fern's baby".

And now, only ten weeks later, Fern's baby is really no longer a baby. It might be time for a name of its own. Suggestions?

Isn't the resemblance striking? Mama Fern and her sweet miracle baby . . .

Lesson learned: persistence pays off. I'm so glad I did not give up and throw out Fern's seemingly barren stump months ago when I wanted to!

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Katie said...

So cool! John and I just watched the episode on plants on the show "life" narrated by Oprah. Plants are so incredible.